Jonathan Binas

Jonathan has a background in Physics, has worked in Neuroscience, Electronics (developed analog hardware to run neural networks), and is currently a postdoc with Yoshua Bengio, working on deep and reinforcement learning problems. His current interests include modular policies, brain-inspired learning algorithms, and alternative computing substrates.

Recent publications

  1. Reinforcement Learning with Random Delays. Ramstedt, Simon; Bouteiller, Yann; Beltrame, Giovanni; Pal, Christopher; Binas, Jonathan. arXiv preprint arXiv:2010.02966. 2020.
  2. DDD20 End-to-End Event Camera Driving Dataset: Fusing Frames and Events with Deep Learning for Improved Steering Prediction. Hu, Yuhuang; Binas, Jonathan; Neil, Daniel; Liu, Shih-Chii; Delbruck, Tobi. ITSC. 2020.
  3. Out-of-distribution generalization via risk extrapolation (rex). Krueger, David; Caballero, Ethan; Jacobsen, Joern-Henrik; Zhang, Amy; Binas, Jonathan; Priol, Remi Le; Courville, Aaron. arXiv preprint arXiv:2003.00688. 2020.
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  5. The Journey is the Reward: Unsupervised Learning of Influential Trajectories. Binas, Jonathan; Ozair, Sherjil; Bengio, Yoshua. ICML Workshop: ERL. 2019.
  6. Retrieving Signals with Deep Complex Extractors. Trabelsi, Chiheb; Bilaniuk, Olexa; Dia, Ousmane; Zhang, Ying; Ravanelli, Mirco; Binas, Jonathan; Rostamzadeh, Negar; Pal, Christopher J. NeurIPS Workshop: Deep Inverse Models. 2019.
  7. Reinforcement Learning for Sustainable Agriculture. Binas, Jonathan; Luginbuehl, Leonie; Bengio, Yoshua. ICML Climate Change Workshop. 2019.
  8. Lagrangian dynamics of dendritic microcircuits enables real-time backpropagation of errors. Dold, Dominik; Kungl, Akos F; Sacramento, João; Petrovici, Mihai A; Schindler, Kaspar; Binas, Jonathan; Bengio, Yoshua; Senn, Walter. Cosyne. 2019.
  9. State-reification networks: Improving generalization by modeling the distribution of hidden representations. Lamb, Alex; Binas, Jonathan; Goyal, Anirudh; Subramanian, Sandeep; Mitliagkas, Ioannis; Kazakov, Denis; Bengio, Yoshua; Mozer, Michael C. ICML. 2019.
  10. Analogue electronic neural network. Binas, Jonathan; Neil, Daniel. US Patent App. 16/078,769. 2019.
  11. Fortified networks: Improving the robustness of deep networks by modeling the manifold of hidden representations. Lamb, Alex; Binas, Jonathan; Goyal, Anirudh; Serdyuk, Dmitriy; Subramanian, Sandeep; Mitliagkas, Ioannis; Bengio, Yoshua. arXiv preprint arXiv:1804.02485. 2018.
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  17. Brain-inspired models and systems for distributed computation. Binas, Jonathan. Thesis; ETH Zurich. 2017.
  18. DDD17: End-to-end DAVIS driving dataset. Binas, Jonathan; Neil, Daniel; Liu, Shih-Chii; Delbruck, Tobi. ICML Workshop: ITS. 2017.
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